Password-Protect Your Communications with

Ever needed to send someone something that required text, photos, videos, maps, and various other media, but couldn’t figure out a way to send it securely?

Imagine publishing a sales proposal online. Do you really want everyone to see it?

There are many times when I need to share things with friends, family and business associates when I need a tool that will allow me to combine and shape various media types (photos, videos, text, etc..) but don;t want to build a web page just for that one purpose.

Enter is that “one-page communication builder” you need when quick, yet interactive dynamic communications can;t be achieved in an email, and you don;t have the energy to create a website.

Best of all, has a privacy function that allows you to password-protect your page, making sure only the people with a password have access.

Next time you need to communicate quickly and securely, give a try.

Password-protect a Page:

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Hardware Boating Device is Replacing Need to Tie and Untie Knots – The Super Rope Cinch

Not sure about anyone else reading this, but tying knots can be the most frustrating thing in the world to me. No wait, UNTYING KNOTS, especially with wet rope is THE MOST FRUSTRATING thing in the world to me. That is, until now (thanks to my wife!).

My wife came home yesterday with a 4-pack of Super Rope Cinch’s. These are made right here in the good ole’ USA by Just Right Products. So you’re wondering, “What the heck is a Super Rope Cinch?” (or, Super Cinch Rope as my son calls it.) I’ll tell you what it is – The Super Rope Cinch is the smartest invention I have seen in 30 years. (Next to my Mac, of course) I can’t tell you the number of times I have needed to tie a really good knot, only to fumble with the rope to point of extreme frustration. They don’t teach “Knot Tying 101” in the schools I went to. Well, now there’s no need to know how to tie or untie a knot, thanks to the dandy little device my wife brought home to me.

The Super Rope Cinch is simple – You slide the rope through the hole in the device and counter-twist the rings. The rope is locked and you’re done. Viola! But wait – It gets even better… How about untying a knot? How many of us have considered throwing our Blackberry on the cement while trying to untie a knot that was too tight? Or worse, how about untying a wet knot? Nothing feels worse than cutting brand new rope you just bought at Lowes! No MORE!!! The Super Rope Cinch makes both tying and untying knots easier than ever. This thing is easy to use. No wait – it’s stupid simple to use. Even my 8 year old son was able to tie the perfect knot with the Super Rope Cinch. And, he was able to untie the knot even faster with a simple push of the button. I owe my wife a big hug for this thing, as I have never looked forward to tying and untying knots until now. All thanks to the incredible Super Rope Cinch!

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